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rickybloggington: My bred'ren, you my favorite rapper right now g shit. I'm routing for you man, you spit real shit, always killing whatever beat you on.

Peace brother Much love! I appreciate it! 

"OM’s" on SoundCloud now.
yoailema: Dude you've got the maddest style in every sense, your music, your clothes, everything. Keep producing the good quality shit you already have, props. !!!

Thank you much love! Its Appreciated 

yocheel: I really hope you make it to New Zealand some day, would be rad!

I know i wanna go so bad

Pre-Order #NehruvianDOOM on iTunes. Link in bio.  (The track titled intro is really called “FIRST DAY OF CLASS”)
katsweatshirt: do you like earl sweatshirt?

Yeah, Earls dope as fuck

Anonymous: Do you still live in NY?

Yeahhh, i Want to go to film school in LA though. I feel opportunities out there.

negrosynthesis: Can you explain the album art for NehruvianDOOM?

can you wait to hear the music?

tastingvibe: I'm just hoping you can perform in Detroit at the St. Andrews hall very soon. I listen to fickle mind$ before school every morning. Your music is just gold.

Thanks much lovee